1. We love Indian food, and I’m sure this recipe will not disappoint. There aren’t many Indian restaurants in this area, so, I’m looking forward to making this myself.

  2. This is one of the reasons I would consider getting an instapot! I\’m not much of a gadget gal, but I love to make pulses, which takes forever on the stove top

  3. I need to pull my Instant Pot out of its early retirement. (I used it once, and then put it in a closet… over a year ago.) This looks like everything I love!

  4. Sounds delish! I could not get through a day anymore without my Instant Pot. Can you recommend a replacement for the cumin coriander powder mix? Perhaps half cumin and half coriander spice? Thanks.

  5. Could you translate for a regular pressure cooker? Would it be bring to boil over med (or high?) heat then cook for 5 mins then do natural release til the thingie pops?

    • Honestly, I’ve never used a regular pressure cooker. But there are tons of Indian bloggers out there who use one and I bet you can find the same recipe on one of their blogs.

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