1. Amy S. says

    Thanks for the recipe! Just curious, when you choose to add sweetener, what do you use and how much do you use?

    • Kathy Hester says

      You add the sweetener after you remove the tea bags, while the tea it’s still hot. I use about 1/4 cup sugar, agave nectar, or maple syrup, but I encourage you to sweeten to taste.

    • Kathy Hester says

      That sounds more like Thai iced tea which is awesome with sweetened condensed coconut milk, but you can sweeten it with anything you want.

  2. Debra says

    I have a silly question – to make hot chai from the concentrate, do you just pop the mug of 1/2 concentrate and 1/2 milk into the microwave or do you reheat it on the stove?

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