1. I love the idea of making cakes in the Instant Pot! It’s a great way to “bake” dessert when it’s too hot to turn on the oven.

  2. I live in FL so use my IP as much as possible, this is awesome and plant based! Also, love the tip about the silicone sling cut from a mat, and what a strange coincidence since I have been debating cutting one of mine down to fit inside a slightly smaller tray! Glad I waited or I would have tossed the scraps instead of utilizing them! Thanks!

  3. I made it today!! Had carrots needing to be used up, and this was the perfect thing. Loved it — moist and flavorful! But also happy I didn’t have to fire up my oven on this hot and muggy summer’s day…!

  4. I was so ready to make this until I saw avocado! Even a little makes me very sick! While subbing vegan mayo may not be healthy, think an equal amount would work? Or maybe 2 T mayo and 2 T applesauce? Bananas are also out!

  5. Thanks for this super recipe! I’ve stopped using aluminum foil because of its links to Alzheimer’s. What’s your opinion of using parchment paper secured with a band to cover the cake?

    • You can’t use parchment paper with out a covering in the Instant Pot because it could break off and block the value. You could put the aluminum foil over the parchment, so the aluminum foil does not touch your food.

      Maybe use one of the stackable stainless containers that has a stainless lid would work, but maybe try cutting the recipe in half or even 1/4 depending on the size of the pan.

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