1. Sam says

    Hello, we can’t get jackfruit here, either fresh or canned. Based on the flavour profile of the dish and the texture of jackfruit , is there something you can recommend to replace it with? Many thanks. Just started to look around your site. Really impressed with the few recipes I have looked at so far. Thank you.

      • Sam says

        Thank you for your help. I will try the sweet potato, as I have never seen a king mushroom for sale here, and if available, I can only imagine how large a second mortgage I would have to take out in order to afford a whole dish’s worth of specialty mushrooms!!! Good luck with the website!

  2. Rebecca G says

    This is really good!! I will be making again. I\’m so glad I doubled it. 1 can of jackfruit just isn\’t enough for my boys. They eat a ton! Everyone enjoyed them.

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